Saturday, April 4, 2009

Affordable, Luxury Safaris to Namibia and Botswana

To many, the thought of Africa as a continent brings to mind all sorts of wonderful touring opportunities and a chance to see the fabled “dark continent.” Well, luxury safaris in Namibia and Botswana are certainly a couple of ways to go about seeing all the best that Southern Africa and these two countries have to offer. So take a chance and see the continent now, before the march of time and progress makes it more difficult.

How do you go on African safari trips? Safari, in the Swahili language, means “travel.” Africa safaris are not hard to either go on or to get to, if you’re of a mind to do so. Real safaris introduce you to a vast array of nature, people and game areas teeming with every sort of African species in both Namibia and Botswana. What’s marvellous is that you safari throughout the day, and then retire to a luxurious in-park or nearby safari lodge which caters to your every whim.

Where are the best places to safari these days? As a part of Southern Africa, both Namibia and Botswana have put aside enormous land areas that offer fine safari and touring environments. Each country has an abundance of natural resources, including animal species, and vibrant and lively local cultures, and above all, are safe and affordable.
In Botswana, the parks in the northern area of the country must be seen, if at all possible. And the world-famous Moremi and Savuti, of so many books and movies is tantalizingly close by.
Touring in Namibia is the best safari opportunity around. From its earliest colonial days, safari as an activity has always been on every explorer or tourist’s list of things to do. Namibia has made luxury safari travel as easy as possible with its focus on tourism and preservation of natural resources. In the Etosha National Park, for example, you can safari all day and then spend the evening in fine style in any one of a number of travel lodges located in, or around the area. And you can roll your Namibia tours and accommodations into one single luxury package.

You can combine both countries into one tour. On the market today, there are several different tour companies offering luxury safari opportunities into both Namibia and Botswana. All include luxury accommodations at any number of unique and visually-stunning lodge environments, with day trips to a number of beautiful and memorable destinations.

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a prime spot. From Maun, you journey through the stunning Moremi and spend a day and an evening exploring and staying inside the Delta, at any one of several luxury lodges.

Go to a private reserve for the best in luxury travel and safaris. Both countries offer large private game reserves. Your chances to see vast beauty and wildlife are never better. You also stay in some truly fine accommodations located right in the midst of all the best wildlife trails.
Contact your luxury travel agency. There are a number of agencies specializing in luxury safaris in Namibia and Botswana. Check with them for seasonal rates and discounts, as they can vary by the week or the month.

All-in-all, luxury safaris in Namibia and Botswana can be a fantastic way to see the Dark Continent in a manner and method that lets you enjoy all that Africa has to offer while giving up none of the creature comforts we’ve come to expect.
  Author: Christian Fourie on Google+
Christian Fourie: Ranger, Guide Specialist for Southern Africa
For one of the most amazing experiences of your entire lifetime you should try luxury safaris to Namibia and Botswana.

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