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Combine An Southern African Safari With A Beach Holiday In South Africa

Many people dream of going on an African Adventure. A safari evokes exotic destinations, amazing natural wildlife, adventure travel, a touch of danger and romance, photographic opportunities and lasting memories. African safari trips are still an unusual vacation choice that your friends will want to know all about when you get back.

In Southern Africa you can mix the idyllic experience of a tropical beach vacation on the warm Indian Ocean with an African wild animal safari expedition. Combining the two makes for a unique holiday. Part of your vacation is filled with excitement as you observe African wildlife at close quarters, while part is spent relaxing and soaking up the sun on a sandy beach.

South Africa is an exotic vacation destination offering a complete break from western city life routines with its opportunity to combine beach and African safari vacations in one trip. For couples planning a wedding, South Africa is well worth considering for a very special honeymoon experience.

Southern Africa, especially Namibia, does not yet have a high profile as a holiday destination in America, but is growing in reputation as a unique vacation experience. Europeans, and the British in particular, have less distance to travel to Africa, and have been been the mainstay of South African tourism, attracted by the unique mix of the tropical beach and African safari vacation.
Luxury vacations have become more affordable as European currencies have strengthened, prompting investment in African tourist facilities.

Namibia enjoys a near perfect year-round climate for travellers. There is an annual rainy season between November and March each year, but the rains come in short bursts that should not detract from the enjoyment of your African holiday. The Etosha National Park is one of the most diverse wildlife destinations in Namibia. With a very low poulation density and being considered the safest country in Africa, one of the little known affordable African safari secrets is Namibia.
Safaris in Africa offer an abundance of interesting activities to experience. Southern Africa is unique in being able to offer the combination of relaxing on a tropical beach resort vacation with an African wildlife safari adventure.

Most of the South Africa's beach resorts and hotels are closely located to a Airport. They offer sandy beaches and swimming in the warm Indian Ocean. There is a choice of accommodation for all pockets, from budget hotels to top level luxury five star resorts.

Safari trips can be chosen from short or long trips,and from simple to luxury facilities. South Africa's Kruger National Park are not far from the beach resorts, and you might choose just to spend a couple of days viewing the wildlife, or take longer if you prefer.

Namibia's Etosha National Park offers another safari experience. It is easily reached by traveling further north from Cape Town. You can choose from several Namibia safari tour options. There are luxury options, staying 4-5 nights in luxury accommodation built to a safari theme, that neatly match a stay in a luxury beach resort.

You are likely to see a broader variety of wildlife in Namibia's Etosha Park compared to the Kruger National Park, but either experience offers a thrilling few days viewing the abundant African wild animals in their natural habitat, guided by expert safari guides to make sure you will be able to see the wildlife from close at hand in safety. Whatever safari excursion you choose is sure to be eventful and memorable.

A Southern African tropical beach and African wildlife safari is an exciting combination to choose for your next vacation, with affordability options available from budget to luxury.

 We strongly suggests you consider the unique once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing African wild animals in their natural habitat by selecting from the exciting African Safari tours that are on offer.

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