Sunday, November 12, 2006

African Safari Adventures and Namibia Tours with Gateway Africa Safaris

This page is dedicated to our wonderful friends, who has come to Africa as guests and left as friends. We wish to share some of these magical memories with you.

This year started all peaceful, then the "Boozy Brits Safari, Bill, Liz, David and Margie", arrived. Below is a little bit of their story.

"I hope you, the Condor and Turtle have made it safely back to Cape Town now and you can put the Boozy Brit tour behind you and have a least a few days 'down time'.

I hope you'll understand that that's not quite how we feel here - we'd give just about anything to be back on the road and travelling again.

I do want to thank you so very much for three very magical weeks of our Namibia tour - the best we can remember in so very long - its hard to pick out just a couple of highlights to tell people before they glaze over - Bills lightening strike is usually quite high on the list and seems to wake them up for a few minutes, as does me sleeping out under the stars (for some reason that makes friends laugh), the rebellion at Seeheim or perhaps the lion at Etosha. So many adventures came and went so quickly but will be re-lived many times over.

Arrived back to a UK gripped by security - we had to go through full check in procedures to get on the Newcastle flight and I finally had to give up our Mrs Ball's chutney we got at Jo/burgh - just as well we didn't bring any wine back because we'd have had to give it away to a stranger (yea right!) - hope you enjoyed it!! "

"Gateway Africa Safaris will give you a unique and informative African experience filled with fun and adventure that is affordable and comfortable with no hidden cost."

  Author: Christian Fourie on Google+

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